Monday, May 18, 2009

Doh Boys Bake Shack

Whakatane, Bay of Plenty.

Cheese & Mince.


Rapidly attaining a glowing reputation for their wares as well as their fantastic name, Doh Boys are a cut above any nearby competitors. Indeed, a cut above 80% of all the pies I have researched. I wish the photo was better but I was in such a hurry to continue stuffing it into my face that I didn't bother checking the resolution. Their pastry isn't as short or as flaky as would be ideal but it holds the gravy inside all the better for it. Also, it is run by a scowling Lancashire woman, as every pie shop should be.


  1. Hi, I had a DohBoy I think, at Turoa Ski field, the cafe...the pie I had was Satay Chicken, and does disreputate to Satay! Was a bad pie by way of authenticity of taste of Satay! Sorry mate...My daughter had their vegetable pie and was a happy camper though! Love your blog!

  2. The best bakery! My favorite mince and cheese followed by a fresh cream donut! Delish!